First and foremost, they are good friends whose love of golf far exceeds their ability to play it. Right now, Chuck is a hard-to-beat 19 handicapper while Allan is a short-hitting-but-occasionally-makes-a-putt 13. 

Chuck Hunter has been actively involved with Kessinger/Hunter & Company, L.C. since 1966.  Kessinger/Hunter is a full-service commercial real estate firm based in Kansas City.  The firm has been in continuous operation since 1879, making it the area’s oldest commercial real estate company.  The firm has management and leasing responsibility for over 23 million square feet of commercial space.  Although based in Kansas City, the portfolio it oversees covers 25 states and four countries in Europe and the British Isles. Along with a variety of real estate organizations, Chuck has served on the following civic and corporate boards:  Boatmen’s First National Bank, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Pride of Kansas City, Bank of Blue Valley, and as an Advisory Director of First Tee of Greater Kansas City. 





Allan Stark has been in the publishing industry for 35 years, including 12 years (1988 to 2001) at Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP). At Andrews McMeel, he was the Vice President of Sales & Marketing before starting an imprint, Stark Books, for the company. In 2002, Stark became an independent sales and product development consultant. In 2017 he founded Stark Stationery with his wife, Nancy, and daughter, Ruth.  


Together in 2009, they started the intra-club 1502 tournament at The Kansas City Country Club, which pits the Campbell Clan against the MacGregor clan. Allan's clan, the Campbells, now have a 5-4 lead over Chuck’s clan, the MacGregors. 

The 1502 tournament was born out of our desire to sing the praises of Scotland’s greatest gift to modern man - the game of golf.