Why Play Golf?

There are many existential questions that require self-analysis and deep thought. Questions such as:

  • Is our time on this planet just a one-and-done thing?
  • What’s your purpose in life
  • Is there meaning to life at all?
  • What is love?
  • What will make this world a better place?
  • Do people have the right to be happy or do you have to earn it?
  • Do our dreams have any meaning?

The questions above and many others are not only thought provoking, but also impossible to answer definitively. All of us can have fun “answering” BIG life questions, but let’s be honest, it is best to do so after a couple of glasses of wine with friends who have a sense of humor.

Frankly, as I get older, I prefer to come down the abstraction ladder when discussing life. I would rather talk about who I love rather than trying to define what love is. I will never be able to satisfactorily explain my purpose in life, but I can bring some purpose and a little focus to my daily activities. Okay, I admit it. I am way out over my skis when it comes to dealing with the important questions of life. If I haven’t figured out the jumbo-size questions by now – age 69 – the answers will likely remain a mystery.

That is why I have decided to deal with everyday questions that I can answer. For example, Why Play Golf? I probably have about a million reasons, but here are a few that I believe most of us can agree upon: 

Yes, the game is changing for those of us who are 50-plus. However, instead of worrying about the years flying by and the loss of distance, focus on today and tomorrow or as Robert Browning said, “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be."  

That moment when you finally figure out that a vice-like grip really does kill distance.  

You can find redemption with a truly amazing back-nine comeback to win your match.  

of the world’s greatest views can be found on golf courses.

There are magical rounds when you are both lucky and good. 

Betting adds a bit of zest to any round. (According to my friend, Len, “You should always be allowed to double the bet on 18.”)

The next shot is the most important shot of the day.

EVEN THE NOT-SO-GREAT THINGS MAKE GOLF A GREAT GAME – Thick rough; out of bounds; fairway divots; overhanging trees; incredibly deep bunkers; water hazards (creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans); gusty winds, and rain. 

Watching and feeling the change of seasons.

There is always that one great shot that brings you back next weekend.

Friendship -- The laughs. The banter. The jokes – some good, some bad. Well-intentioned swing advice – some good, some bad. The sharing of thoughts, ideas and beliefs as you walk to the next shot. The catching-up-with-family exchanges. The post-round handshakes. The settling of bets. The smiles and drinks shared after the round.

Play Away!


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