What's Your To-Do List Over The 4th?

Doesn’t life seem to be a series of To-Do Lists?

  • There is the Work To-Do List. I have about 25 entries on mine with only about half scratched out.
  • There is the Home To-Do List, which is often presented to me by my wife on Friday morning. Sometimes I am given two – one for chores around the house and a list of errands. Isn’t that piling on?
  • There is the Be-Nice To-Do List. The items on this list are usually friendship and community driven – visit a good friend’s 90-year-old mother, work in the church garden, give blood, etc.
  • And who could forget the I-Want-To-Be-A-Better-Husband-Father-Nephew-Uncle-Cousin To-Dos. This list is endless and you don’t have enough time on this earth to complete it, but you know you need a few check-offs every week if you hope to get the heavenly nod.  

I have been told on more than one occasion that I should consider my To-Do Lists to be My Opportunities List. Well, that’s never going to happen. I can only play so many word games with myself.

However, given the fact that my amazing wife understands that “boys will be boys,” her To-Dos around a holiday are both minimal and essential – i.e. “Don’t forget we need charcoal for the cookout tomorrow night!”

So I am going into Fourth of July week in great spirits because I love celebrating our country’s declaration of independence from Great Britain – and, yes, I will get to play a fair amount of golf with my friends. This will be a wonderful week with a short but manageable list of To-Dos.*

Here’s a toast to our great country, understanding wives and to golf, the world’s greatest game!

*Exactly how “wonderful” my weekend ends up will depend on how my short game performs. It’s on the iffy side right now.

Play Away!




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