The Joys of Golf

Kansas City County Club - December 2019

Two of my favorite words in the English language are “joy and joys” because I can’t think of one time when they took my mind to a dark place or put a frown on my face.. Think about it, most words or combination of words can take you in many directions. That’s not true for “joy and joys.” They are relentlessly positive and upbeat.

The word “golf,” on the other hand, can and does takes me in many places from alive to blue to amused to exasperated to annoyed to thrilled to confused to disappointed to frazzled to happy … Well, you get the idea. As golf professional Cy Manier said, “Golf is the worst damn fun anybody ever had.”

Playing golf this weekend in Kansas City (Just look at the photo) is out of the question due to the cold and snow, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about golf. And since it is time to get in the Christmas spirit, I am focusing only on The Joys of Golf.

Golf releases the mind from the oppression of your honey-do list.

Posting your best score of the year makes you happy.  

The ZONE: When it finds you, enjoy it.

You can pick a partner for the annual member-guest who never ever misses a 4-foot putt that matters.

New equipment can actually help your game.

A bunker can be your friend.

Sometimes it IS the ball’s fault.

Luck can be your ally.

Hitting something hard is fun!

There are least 1,000 simple fixes that can straighten out your game.

Your next shot could be the shot of your life.

Golf is a multiple-choice test.

A birdie is simply a glimpse into your potential.

Golf is responsible for so many great friendships.

“Playing golf with your wife is fun, but don’t give her lessons. I have to credit Stan (Thirsk) for making a great marriage even better when he taught Mary Jane how to play golf. She was not going to listen to me. It was like teaching your high-school girlfriend how to drive a stick shift car. It was something you never did.” – Six-time Club Champion Bryant Barnes. Just for the record, Mary Jane has won it 18 times!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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  • Kenneth Tuchtan

    Excellent Message, and GREAT year on the “1502” !!! See you soon.

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