I have been searching for THE SEVEN SECRETS TO GREAT GOLF for just over a decade now.  After pouring through hundreds and hundreds of golf books, magazines and websites, I am now able to give you the seven tips that are GUARANTEED to lower your handicap and, therefore, make you a happier person, which in turn will make you a better spouse, parent, grandparent and friend. 

Think about it!  These seven golf tips are really THE SEVEN SECRETS TO A HAPPY LIFE!  WARNING! Only share these with your best golf buddies.

  • I regard keeping the head very steady, if not absolutely stock still, throughout the swing as the bedrock fundamental of golf. – Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 Majors, from his book Golf My Way
  • A pause at the top of the backswing will check the desire to kill the ball. – Sam Snead, from his book How To Play Golf (Garden City Publishing, 1946) 
  • But for controlled, accurate and consistent hitting, the left arm simply must be straight when the clubhead meets the ball. – Bobby Jones, winner of the Grand Slam in 1930 
  • Learn the punch shot.  When the heat is on, you need a shot you can absolutely put into play off the tee and onto the green from the fairway.  It doesn’t need to be a pretty shot, a powerful one, or one you can work the ball with.  Every great player has had an antichoke shot they can resort to when their swing is deteriorating or they’re having a hard time closing the deal on Sunday. – Johnny Miller, from his book I Call the Shots
  • Many higher-handicap players would improve their ball-striking if they tried to get the watch face on their left hand looking toward the ground at impact. – David Leadbetter from his book, The Fundamentals of Hogan
  • When pitching from the rough, the secret is to keep the face from closing through impact.Tiger Woods, winner of 14 Majors
  • One reason you miss more short putts than you should is that you move your head or lower body during the stroke.Teaching pro Kellie Stenzel (Golf Magazine, April 2010)

You now have TRUE KNOWLEDGE -- the knowledge to lower your handicap, win more bets and find personal fulfillment.

Play Away!


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