The Joys of Being a Golfer

While it’s been cold here in Kansas City the last week, I have found myself thinking about golf versus thinking about how I play golf. The good news is that most of those “golf thoughts” are upbeat, even joyful, and remind me why I believe golf is the world’s greatest game. I think we would agree The Joys of Being a Golfer are many, including:    

Looking through old buddies-trip photos takes you back to a time when you were 20 yards longer off the tee. 

Finally coming to an understanding with your new driver leads to more restful nights.

ebating who will win the upcoming made-for-TV-pay-per-view match between 42-year-old Tiger Woods and 48-year-old Phil Mickelson at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas on Nov. 23. Currently, Woods is listed as the -200 front-runner with Mickelson coming back as the +170 underdog. I am all over Tiger because, well, he has 14 Majors in his pocket and Phil only 5.

You can make a 25-foot, double-breaking downhill putt just like a PGA pro. 

For better or for worse, accepting the fact that you own each and every shot.

You can show more emotion on the golf course than you can in the office.

The satisfaction of seeing a “1st” by your name on the leaderboard.

Experimenting with a new swing thought or two. (I am currently working on a book proposal, “1,001 Winning Swing Thoughts.” ) 

Golf and betting go together like ham and eggs.

A see-through can take the sting out of a spotty round.

The day you go into your closet and realize you have more golf shoes than street shoes.

Giving in to the urge of buying that mallet-style putter you have been admiring in the Pro Shop. (Yes, a new putter can change your life for the better!)

Patting your partner on the back after he makes a birdie putt to win the hole – and the match. 

A winter golf getaway with your best pals. 

Golf is played outside. (Photo: Kansas City Country Club’s 9th green)

With practice, you can become a better golfer.

Money CAN buy you an extra 5 yards off the tee.

A course where a walking foursome can play in four hours or less.

Talking golf, football, China’s treatment of political prisoners, the price of gold and the future of self-driving cars with your buddies in the Men’s Grill.

Play Away!

Allan (Just waiting for the temperature to get to 40 and not much wind.)

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