Mr. Willard’s 2018 Father’s Day Style & Gift Guide

They had style: 1929 photo of Composer and lyricist Irving Berlin (left) and singer and actor Al Jolson.


FATHER’S DAY IS COMING! FATHER’S DAY IS COMING, which is why I have gone to our club’s resident expert on movies and fashion, Buzz Willard.  You may recall that Buzz went 6 for 6 in predicting the major Oscar categories this year, bringing his 12-year record to an incredible 65-7 (90.3%).  That is the fact, not fake news!   

As all of Buzz’s KCCC friends know, he also has strong opinions about style.  Simply put, he believes that STYLE MATTERS, which is why he loves this quote: “It is both delusional and stupid to think that clothes don’t really matter and we should all wear whatever we want.  Most people don’t take clothing seriously enough, but whether we should or not, clothes do talk to us and we make decisions based on people’s appearances.” -- Fashion writer and magazine editor G. Bruce Boyer (Born 1941).
Of course, while dressing well always be high on his priority list, Buzz believes that clothing is just one aspect of being “stylish.” As you will see below, he not only has well-defined beliefs about fashion and great gift ideas for men, he has thoughts and opinions about “personal presentation.” 
Colorcolorcolor are the three words you use year after year when talking about men’s fashion.  Why is color so important to you? Colors evoke emotion, both for the wearer and for the observer.  Most people feel better wearing certain colors and most respond emotionally to seeing different colors. Last weekend I was wearing pink shorts with a subtle aqua check FENNEC shirt.
When our friend Len saw me, he immediately blurted out that I looked like an Easter egg.  I was wearing colors I enjoyed and expressing my individuality.  Len, on the other hand was wearing the very traditional but quite bland navy shorts and white shirt combination, although he did have his collar turned up in back.  What did I make of his “excited utterance” about my outfit?  I think he reacted with such ebullience because my colorful outfit was a joyful reminder of past Easter Egg hunts at the family’s vacation home back East.  I had no idea I would bring such joy to him by simply choosing to wear a little color that morning, but I was happy to play that role.  One should wear and surround themselves with colors that make them feel vital and alive. Try it!
Why do you think so many men fear color?  Most men have no confidence in their wardrobe and wear whatever their wife or significant other sets out for them, so my simple answer is: “a lack of confidence.” 
What are your all-time favorite colors for golf and casual wear? There’s hardly a color I don’t like -- except gray and even that is doable some of the time particularly in the fall and winter.  Vibrancy is the key for me.  If you think you are in a wardrobe rut, then think of color as a routine breaker.  Next time you go shopping, either take your wife or tell the salesperson that you want to put some fun into your wardrobe.
The 2018 color of the year is ULTRA VIOLET.  It is described as: “Complex and contemplative, ULTRA VIOLET suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”
First, what do you think of the choice, especially for a man Ultra Violet and ANY shade of purple is awesome.  Purple/Violet is ALWAYS a good color for men.
Second, does any color deserve such a grandiose and mind-bending description?  I’m not sure I’m tracking with your question. That description makes perfect sense to me. It’s accurate, lyrical and descriptive. Those sentences are exactly what comes to my mind when I hear the words “ultra violet.”
Max Lakin, in his April 5, 2018, Wall Street Journal article, Real Men Wear Pink (And Not Just Brooks Brothers Button-Downs), wrote: “PINK may be one of the biggest colors in menswear at the moment, but brands still treat it like a dirty word. Todd Snyder’s elevated sweat separates come in ‘rose quartz.’ Steven Alan makes Japanese cotton T-shirts in ‘putty.’ The Gap offers chinos in ‘dusty mauve.’ Officine Générale sent a shirt down its spring runway that is being marketed as ‘faded rose.’”
What do you think of the color pink for men?  I love to wear pink.  It fits my skin tone and chicks dig it.  That last sentence may be politically incorrect in this #Me too era, so my apologies, but if you wear pink confidently, YOU WILL BE NOTICED.  Unfortunately, not all men feel comfortable in pink because of stereotypical, old-school thinking.  Could it be that those men have certain insecurities?  As a side note, I’ve noticed that you have a couple of pink shirts.  They work for you, especially that hot pink one you wore last week.
According to Vogue, the hot, trendy 2018 colors for women include lavender, sky blue, light green and Matisse yellow.  Should men consider going down that same color path? My years of experience, careful study, astute powers of observation as well as my 42 years of marriage suggests that women are leaders in many, if not most things, so my simple answer to that questions is ABSOULTELY!!
Adam Scott, who won the Masters in 2013, says, “Everyone tries to be too coordinated.  Of course, you don’t want to clash colors, but you can wear lots of different colors together.  And I think if it’s done nicely, it looks really good.”  Do you concur? Adam Scott has won 29 professional golf tournaments, which is approximately 29 more than I have won; has won a total of $47,803,964, which is $47,803,905 more money that I have won; is ranked 93rd in the FedEx Cup and weighs 10 pounds less than I do.  He’s also married to Marie Kojzar.  If you don’t know her, look her up. The point is, I’m in NO POSITION to question Adam Scott … about ANYTHING!
As far as Father’s Day gifts go, how about a few suggestions and a bit of advice?  Well, I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I didn’t mention the 1502 hats.  You know I love the story behind it – the lifting of the ban on golf by King James IV.  If you think about it, it’s a “historic” brand.  It celebrates a real event in golf history.  And it’s really different.  I already have too many hats with a course or resort or company name on them.  I love wearing my 1502 hat when I go out of town.  People are always asking me, “Why 1502?”  It’s a great conversation starter.  It’s a brand that celebrates the rich history of golf. 
Let’s talk shoes – on and off the course.  What advice can you give when it comes to style, brands, colors?  Do you have any shoe No-Nos?  My rules on shoes are simple.  We’re primarily a walking club and comfort is a must.  So whatever is comfortable, is okay with me. The only exception are those golf sandals.
Wives and children are always looking for birthday and Father’s Day gift ideas for their favorite golfer.  We need your help!  For example, is the watch dead as a gift?  Absolutely not!  Obviously watches aren’t just about telling time.  A watch is an accessory piece that works for every man.  Watches are a fun and useful fashion statement.  Also, a well-made watch is a personal item that can be passed on to the next generation.
The white belt? 
NEVER, unless you’re a scratch golfer who is 6-5 and weighs 170 pounds!

Sunglasses seem like a safe bet, but there are so many styles/designs.  
Oakley – lots of lens and frame options. They’re the best.

Besides the navy blue blazer, is there another classic go-to sport coat every man should have in his closet?  For the spring/summer a silk and wool medium to royal blue plaid is a great look. For fall and winter, I’d recommend a subtle window pane pattern in a neutral color and natural fabric.  I would avoid the powder blue polyester with navy piping jacket that you are keeping around just in case it makes a comeback in the 21st century.

Okay, you have us convinced that style matters, but clothes alone don’t make the man. Clothes are important, but manners are MUCH more important.  Golf course etiquette is all about respecting your playing partners, other groups on the course and the game itself.  I was always taught to be a guest the host wanted to ask back.  Whenever I am invited to play at another club, I always ask my host about rules such as the dress code, cell phone use and expected pace of play.  I never want to put my host in an awkward position.  I want to know the rules.  Of course, the No. 1 rule in life is to be nice to everyone!  
Do you have a final thought or two?  Men, live a little.  Don’t be afraid of colors!  Father’s Day is June 17, so start dropping those gift hints today.
Have a great summer!
Buzz Willard


Play Away!
Allan (Current index is 10.3, which translates to a 12 on my home course.)

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