Golf’s Little Things

Why do you play golf? Why do you love the game? Tom Watson once said, “No other game combines the wonder of nature with the discipline of sport in such carefully planned ways. A great golf course both frees and challenges a golfer's mind.”

Think about it. Do you have one or two BIG reasons such as “loving competition” or “enjoying the physical challenges of the game” or “golf is a great escape” or “it’s good exercise”?

Or are you like me and play golf for a bunch of reasons? A lot of little things keep me coming back week after week chasing that little white ball across what is a giant playground. Below are just a few of my little reasons why I love the game. What are your BIG or little reasons? 

  1. First-tee anticipation.
  2. There is only one past but many futures.
  3. Realizing that your ball is actually playable when you find it inside a hazard.
  4. Birdies speak for themselves.
  5. Good sportsmanship is always appreciated
  6. Understanding that putting is a game within the game.
  7. Weather – bad, good, perfect, windy, rainy or just plain crazy – is always a factor.
  8. Age doesn’t curb your enthusiasm and enjoyment for the game.
  9. The Zone. When it finds you, just go with it.
  10. Memories. You can save them. Take your camera/phone to the course and take pictures of your friends.
  11. Up-and-down pars.
  12. Sometimes a bogey (a net par for many of us) can be a great score.
  13. Lucky bounces.
  14. You can’t be held responsible for any vow made while playing golf – i.e. “I am taking tomorrow off.”
  15. The handicap system, which allows a 17-handicapper to enjoy a round with his single-digit friend.
  16. A new club can change your life!
  17. Your next shot could be the shot of your life.
  18. Early evening solo rounds.
  19. Betting. Remember, there’s no rule that says you can’t offer up an extra press.
  20. A lesson or two can get you out of a slump.
  21. Always bring a sense of humor to the course -- just in case you don’t play your best. And always bring a little extra cash – just in case your partners don’t play their best.

Keep It Down The Fairway,

Allan Stark 

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  • Tom Parker

    I play golf because enjoy the challenge of a sport that requires you to combine both mind and body in pursuit of an unattainable goal. For example, I have birdied every hole on my home course multiple times but never had more than three birdies in a single round.

    I also play golf to enjoy being with my fellow golfers. My favorite golf partner is also my life’s partner, my wife. She works at her game and is an above-average golfer. She abhors slow play and excessive talking on the course. Good-natured ribbing is always welcome, however.

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