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Golf Thoughts

Golf is in the air here in the Midwest. Between recently having had the pleasure of hearing Tom Coyne talk about his books (A Course Called Ireland and A Course Called Scotland) and this weekend’s promising weather forecast, my mind is swirling with random thoughts about the world’s greatest game. Thoughts such as:

Do our wives and girlfriends really understand why men enjoy the game of golf so much? It’s all about pats on the back, a few jokes and sharing inner feelings – that, and hitting things hard and betting.

Every hole is a multiple-choice test, so think before you hit.

Yes, the game is changing for those of us who are 50-plus. However, instead of worrying about the years flying by and the loss of distance, focus on today and tomorrow or as Robert Browning said, “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”

RAIN GLOVES: They work and that’s important because the need to play often defeats common sense.

I love the many sounds of golf – the rattling of your clubs as you walk down the down the fairway; the thwack of the driver hitting the ball squarely; the thump you hear when you hit a good bunker shot; birds chirping; laughter, moans & groans; the gurgling of a creek, and, of course, the clinking of glasses after the round.

You may not always play well, but you can always look like a million dollars. (My friend, Buzz Willard, has taught me that.)

Here is the truth:  Some holes are haunted and that explains why you always seem to double or triple bogey those holes.  It’s a rogue spirit, not you.

Yes, golf is a game, but it is also many games -- Saturday-morning regular foursome golf, individual match-play events, club vs. club competitions, a solo nine holes at dusk, wedding-party golf, charity scramble golf, family golf and the unforgiving pressure of medal-play tournaments -- all of which offer up a wide variety of challenges and experiences. There are days when I swear that I will never play in a serious medal-play tournament ever again at my club, but by the time it takes me to finish my first post-round drink, I find myself toasting ALL of golf’s great games! Three cheers for golf!

Just a friendly piece advice: If you are ever invited to play Augusta National, Chicago GC, Cypress Point, Pine Valley or Seminole, I would NOT try loosening up your foursome by teeing off with an exploding golf ball.

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend who also plays golf.

Plus, friends can enjoy a beer or two during a round.

And finally golf is not a game of perfect. In fact, it is a quirky game that teaches us that humor matters, that humor is essential.


Play Away!

Allan (Still a 13.)

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