Every Shot Makes Someone Happy -- And Other Great Things About Golf

My second hole-in-one came on Nov. 2, 2013.  I used an 8 iron from 120 yards.  (The wind was into me.)

There are many, many reasons why we love golf – The World’s Greatest Game. Here are a few of mine:

  • The Miracle Shot: A Hole-In-One.  I have been lucky enough to have three.
  • The many sounds of golf – the rattling of your clubs as you walk down the down the fairway; the “thwack” of the driver hitting the ball squarely; the "thump" you hear when you hit a good bunker shot; birds chirping; laughter, moans & groans, the gurgling of a creek, and, of course, the clinking of glasses after the round.
  (Photo credit: Pixabay)
  • Golf is a game of days – some days are truly sublime while others are mind-numbingly awful.
  • I love Fall golf – Crisp mornings; refreshing breezes; deep red, burnt orange, harvest gold and sun yellow leaves; courses aren’t as busy; it is time for the layered look, and after golf, there is always a great football game on TV and a beer to enjoy.  
  • Golf is as much fun for the high handicapper as it is for the scratch player.  And because of the handicap system, players with wildly different abilities can play together and compete against each other.  That’s certainly not true in tennis.
  • You can be like Jordan Spieth and make a 60-foot putt.  (350-yard drives like Dustin Johnson are simply dreams.)
  • Most every golfer plays in at least one “Major” every year.  What is yours?  Beating your best friend on the last Saturday of October when you are playing for $5-$5-$0 instead of $2-$2-$4?  Being the leading money winner on your annual buddy trip?  Taking home the trophy in your investment club’s golf tournament?  Winning the “C” Flight of the club championship?
  • The guilty pleasure of telling your opponent, “It’s still your turn.”
  • Golf is not a game of perfect. In fact, it is a quirky game that teaches us that humor matters, that humor is essential.
  • Every golf course has its own personality, charm and challenges.

Play Away!

Allan (Current Handicap: Back up to an 11 after a brief fling as a 10.)



  • Jack W Perry

    You have had three holes-in-one? Impressive. I have had one. It was a 120 yard 9-iron at #11 at Minor Park in Kansas City. I had birdied #10, so I was 3-under after 2 holes on the back nine. I think I still ended with a 40 or something. This was over 30 years ago. I am not even sure if the course remains or if the layout is still there. I have the scorecard and will need to look.

  • Mary Ellen Knop

    Sitting here on ice after my total knee replacement, you are motivating me to get my sticks out this spring to the tune of new songbirds and brisk winds?️‍♀️

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