Every Shot Makes Someone Happy -- And 15 More Great Things About Golf

It’s mid-winter, which means golf days in much of the country are few and far between. Of course, nothing can stop me from thinking about some of the Great Things about the world’s greatest game.

1) Golf is not a game of perfect, and it is not a game for the uptight and the over serious. Golf is a quirky game that teaches us that humor matters, humor is essential.

2) You can give your drivers nicknames. (Word of Caution: Don’t dare give your driver a name unless you consistently drive the ball over 240 yards.)

  1. The Hammer
  2. Hellboy
  3. The King
  4. The Enforcer
  5. Big Daddy
  6. The Law
  7. The Beast
  8. Black Beauty
  9. Thundert
  10. Magic

3) Sometimes “Good, good?” makes sense.

4) Having a go-to set of rationalizations for a poor round is just as important as having a properly fitted set of clubs.

5) You can call your shot -- “High draw”; “A going 4 iron”; “Chunk and run from the sand.” – if you dare.

6) There are golf schools, which, if nothing else, offer hope and get you out of town for a few days.

7) Life is better when you find a putter that you can trust.

8) “A controlled shot to a closely guarded green is the surest test of any man’s golf.” -- Golf course architect A.W. Tillinghast (1874 to 1942)

9) Every golfer plays in at least one “Major” every year.  What is yours?  Beating your best friend on the last Saturday of October when you are playing for $5-$5-$10 instead of $2-$2-$4? Being the leading money winner on your annual buddy trip? Taking home the trophy in your bowling-league’s golf tournament? Winning the “C” Flight of the club championship? Qualifying for the first qualifying round of the U.S. Open?   

10) You can take a private lesson from David Leadbetter. Here is his ad: Just because you're not on the PGA Tour doesn't mean you can't have a private session with the World's best known golf Instructor! This three-hour session comprises of a complete analysis of your long game, where our video and computer analysis systems are fully utilized during your one-on-one session. David will provide you with a complete blueprint for ongoing improvement in a very simple to follow format. Private session with David is $3,500. 

11) The variety -- The variety of courses. The variety of putters. The variety of golf balls. The variety of conditions that Mother Nature throws at you. The variety of lies. And, of course, the wide variety of golfers

12) If you think better, you will play better.

13) Bunkers … There are fairway, greenside, pot and shallow bunkers. Some are in front the green. Others are behind. A few are in the middle of the green. Bunkers vary in degree of difficulty from “reasonably fair” to “pretty difficult.”  And then there are the bunkers that can best be described as “pure evil.”

(Painting of Westward Ho!’s 5th hole by Harry Roundtree.)

14) The next generation of drivers – the ones that will deliver those much needed extra 10 yards -- will be in the stores soon.

15) When Spring arrives, golf thoughts become golf shots.

Play Away!

Allan Stark

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